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Essential Lactation Support

Because support is essential.

Hello, I'm Nicki, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) ready to guide you with in person and virtual breastfeeding support!


Home Visits

A home visit brings care right to your door. I will bring everything necessary to address your concerns and leave you with a care plan for success.

Virtual Consult

If a home visit isn't in your best interest, or if you aren't local,  video chat can meet all of your needs without an in-person meeting.

Prenatal Consult

You have questions, and I have answers. Everything you need to know about how to prepare yourself for feeding your babies. Real advice for real parenting, based on your goals.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Enter your information below through The Lactation Network to get started with a free 90-minute in-home or in-office breastfeeding and lactation consultation with an IBCLC.



I truly believe that the reason I was able to breastfeed my daughter for 14 months is because of the support and guidance that I received from Nicki. My milk supply took a full week to come in, creating an aversion in my daughter and a preference for the bottle. Nicki's patience and expertise allowed us to create a plan that supported the development of my milk supply while continuing to encourage the breastfeeding relationship until ultimately my daughter latched without issue.I recommend Nicki to anyone looking for breastfeeding support - you won't regret it!  

Marti T.

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