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Little Victories

Are all the kids back to school now? Virtual or in person... they are somewhat entertained even if it's at the kitchen table and they're whining about math. Or reading. Or the internet is too slow.

But at least it's happening! That is one point for parents everywhere, zero points for the pandemic.

I thought I was weaning this baby, but I think she's just continuing to show me how her leadership skills will someday land her the Presidency of the United States. It's funny how it was so emotional at the "end" (LOL here because only I thought it was over) and now I am most definitely over it, and I'm not having any of those feelings.

But in the beginning, I was so desperate to make this work. I lied in bed and thought about the things I would do right this time. I wondered how nice things would be without the nipple shield, and without the panic. And what I ACTUALLY did was plan for success. I followed my own advice and had a support system in place. I started pumping at 38 weeks (pregnant). *I do not recommend this generally speaking** And when the milk came, those first few drops were accompanied by tears. Tears of happiness that it was going to work this time. I was going to make a full milk supply and exclusively breastfeed this baby. My spirit baby. My second chance. It was such a little thing, and such a huge step for me to see those drops of milk.

Those drops are also the first day back to school when some of us were ready to tear our hair out. They are getting up the huge hill without taking a break when you've recovered from COVID-19, and they're seeing the number drop on the scale when you ate more veggies and fewer goldfish crackers all week. They are putting a date on a meeting with someone you've been planning to meet with for a year. All of these victories need to be celebrated. Not with tears, but maybe with a celebratory trip to Target, or an extra cup of coffee. Take a minute to celebrate whatever victory you got this week. They don't come easy, but they're worth it.

I would love to hear what you're celebrating. Congrats on whatever it is.

I will just be sitting in this glider, nursing spirit baby until the end of time.

Stay happy friends!


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